Thank You

Amazing angels and heaven sent helpers made for an awesome team

From day one of asking her to be our celebrant Anita Stanfield held us both in such a beautiful way. We thought a celebrant worked just one day, but Anita showed us both that she was there to counsel and support from months before. Without her care we simply wouldn't have been there!


From the beginning too it was clear that our housemate Bernie was the 'best man'. His constant support throughout our relationship was something we had already strongly felt. And anyone who knows Bernie will be aware that he brings his all to every detail of what he does, always thinking of others and how they can be helped. Along with his soon to be wife Mary-Lou they offered us practical advice and support and oversaw so much cooking on the day. A testimony to Bernie's way is the fact that he bought and custom made some roasting machines especially for the wedding. But most of all his gentle care was felt in the way he was with everyone, including giving Joseph a relaxing healing session just before the ceremony. A best man indeed.



The grace of bridesmaids Emma Hart and Sheri Respondino was stunning to feel as they walked down the hill in the ceremony. The effortless way they seemed to move was amazing to watch. Their friendship and support to us both stretched throughout the wedding, from early morning to the end of the day. Sheri's beautifully honest speech to Emma's stunning specially written song that brought the house down, not to mention the delicious love bird cake she baked. 


We loved having our hair cut and make up done by the one and only Jemma Woodgate. Sadly she is now relocated to Cairns, but we so appreciated the delicate and precise way she helped prepare us to look our best on the day. Thank you Jemma!


Two integral people in the day being what it was were two we didn't even know before the wedding. Troy and his marquee company Stretched Events reassured us from our first conversation that this process would be easy and simple. Throughout our millions of 'what if' questions he held steady, and when venues changed he prompted us to do the same. He always said it would be amazing on the day - and he was right.


Deb our flower lady came into the scene after a host of failed negotiations to get flowers we loved and could afford. Immediately we knew we had found someone who loved and understood flowers the way we do. Deb came round to our house a few times after work free of charge, just to give us a demo of what we could expect to see, check colours and get feedback. On the day she was out their in the rain arranging the most beautiful arbour and bouquets. Her dedication to doing things right was something we both felt - right down to the way she made the corsages and flowers that went on the cake.


We would not hesitate to recommend and use Deb and Troys services again.


We deeply cherished all the musicians who played, but especially our friend Martin Gladman, who was absolutely committed to work through any stuff that came up to get in the way of him being a crucial part of the day. We love him dearly but still underestimated how stunning it would be to have him MC and perform. What he delivered was direct from heaven.


The day after the wedding was a big one for us, with a big job to clean up, so we were deeply touched when our friend Brooke Taylor turned up after MCing  for us the day before. It was gorgeous to be there in the rain, taking things down with you Brooke. Thank you!


Another big helping hand that day was the Sharkey family. They turned up at just the right moment and everyone lent a hand. Similarly the Barkers assisted us so much at the beginning of the process - purposefully folding napkins and cleaning cutlery. This is not to mention the financial contributions both families made to support the day be what it was. On a practical note, obviously we wouldn't be here today without their love.


We were surprised and touched days before the wedding to learn our friend Serryn O'Regan was able to read 'The Livingness Vows' which represent the religion we are both are part of. It was so sweet to look into her eyes and remember we are all divine and the true purpose of us getting together.


Everybody's help made the day what it was - and whilst there were things we had forgotten and might do differently - none of that can detract from what for us was a magical day. Whilst we can't single one person out - we want to celebrate the role played by Deborah Hansen


Thanks largely to the hand of God she came in late to our wedding proceedings but helped us secure an amazing venue and organise the day meticulously. Her friendship and unwavering commitment was an amazing inspiration to us. Thank you Deborah and Ben too who contributed greatly too.


We could go one with thanks and appreciation for everyone who was there. For surely you have helped us all say yes and take this step.


As you can see on this site we were treated too some gorgeous photos to remember the day by and a tender video too. The way our photographer Matt Paul (assisted by his wife Ulrike) worked with difficult events was something to appreciate. Matt's camera blew up right before the wedding. But as you can see nothing stoped him from capturing some amazing images. Thanks you for your dedication and willingness Matt to get the shot, learn and persevere.


Our friends Alan Johnson and Kosta Constantinou also contributed some of the images you see here (they are marked on the photo). Heartfelt thanks to them for supporting us when we least expected it. They are masters of what they do and you can tell from the images that come through.


Thank you too to Natasha Ferré-Bentley who captured the day in a precious video she has delivered to us in recent days and you can see here on the site. Its amazing to see this months afterwards and be reminded how great it was.


Last thanks go to those who couldn't make it on the day but were instrumental in us being together - Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon, Annette Baker and Gabriel Caplice thank you for your wisdom and the inspiration that you live.